Disk Shaped Glowing Pulsating Extremely Large UFO Sighting Reported

I was sitting in my sun-room watching the sunset looking southeast toward the ocean 3 blocks away. I was engaged in watching Jupiter and Saturn come into view. All of a sudden a Disk Shaped Glowing Pulsating Extremely Large UFO Sighting popped into view. When my brain noted it was there, UFO Sighting began to float directly downward at a vertical angle continuing to pulse green, red and gold lights which appeared to be turning counterclockwise. From its point of entry into my observational view (to the left of our gas giants) to the vertical drop point at which it stood still for around 45 seconds or so, this slow, seamless, countless decent while pulsing, glowing and the lights on the craft's side rotating counterclockwise, took around a minute. then, after it stood still a few seconds, it just faded out of sight in place. mufon cms# 111228 Long Beach California 8/31/20 Region has had 11,029 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

NYUFO Black Saucer Shaped UFO image

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