Disc or Spherical UFO Sighting over roof of tall building Vancouver 4/16/16

UFO Sightings Report Disk Shape UFO Vancouver BC 4/16/16

April 16, 2016, between 5:45 pm and 6:15 pm Vancouver, Canada, at the Queen Elizabeth Theater a Disk or Spherical UFO Sighting over building.

I was sitting in front of the Queen Elizabeth Theater on Hamilton Street facing SW. You can actually see the exact location I was sitting at and the building I'm going to reference by typing in the following url (google maps): 


This url will bring you to the exact location and you will be facing the same direction I was and seeing what I was seeing.

I was sitting right there on the benches in front of the plaza and the building I'll be referencing is the tallest building on the left in the distance. The large building on the left in front adjacent to the plaza is the Queen Elizabeth Theater.

I had arrived early to an event and so I was just sitting there looking at the city when a man on the very top of the distant building on the left caught my eye. He was wandering along the edge of the building looking over it. I became very alarmed thinking that he was going to jump off the building. I was very intent on watching him when way up high to the right (up from the flag poles) a dark disc or sphere shaped UFO caught my eye. It just appeared beneath the clouds.

It began moving toward the man on the roof, and as it approached him, I could tell that it was moving closer in our direction (later I determined it was heading NE). It came over the top of the man and for a moment I thought I was going to witness an abduction, it just stopped and hung there, as though observing him.

It was much higher than the man and he didn't seem to notice it as he was looking down over the edge. Another man appeared and the two of the men began talking, as they turned to walk in the other direction, away from the edge, one of the men pointed to the sky, and both of them momentarily seemed to be looking at the same UFO I was. They then proceeded to walk out of view (away from the edge) and the UFO then moved back in the same direction it had come from and disappeared into the clouds.

It was very windy that evening, at least up high, as birds were taking advantage of the winds and sailing at high speeds across my view. The disc shaped UFO made no sound, wasn't effected by the wind, it traveled in a general north easterly direction, came to a complete stop, waited about 60 seconds, and then traveled back the way it had come and disappeared into the clouds.

Meanwhile, I had my cell phone and could have videoed the whole thing, I even thought about videoing it but thought it was so far away it would be too hard to capture on a cell phone video. In hind sight, I could kick myself now, it would have probably been a very interesting video.

The weather data for that day and time was: Wind velocity: 9 mph. Wind direction: from 280 degrees west to east. Visibility: 20 miles. Humidity: 82%, Temp.: 54 °F. Barometer: 30.31 Hg.

((NUFORC Note: The source of this UFO Sightings report is quite well known to us at NUFORC, and we consider her to be exceptionally reliable, and an exceptionally qualified witness. She has a very strong technical background. PD))

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