Dark Gray Triangle UFO three shapes underneath

According to this UFO Sightings report the witness stated there were hardly any clouds in the sky when I saw a dark UFO fly past. It was dark but with a grayish color and was a triangle in shape. She stated the UFO Sighting had three shapes underneath and wondered if it may be landing gear but not sure and it moved very fast and silent. The witness also stated she lives near Liverpool airport which is about 10 minutes away from where she lives. She stated it was not a flock of birds and not any other type of flying animal as it looked solid and didn't seem to have any resistance to the wind. She stated it was high up but looked fairly biggish and could just about see things underneath the UFO. She stated it was fast, much faster than a plane. On my speaking to her over the phone having been assigned the case she  stated that living under the flight path to Liverpool airport she was familiar with the type of aircraft that fly over as they are low and can be loud unlike the triangle shape craft which was fast and silent. She then added that she thought maybe the triangle shape might have been a little rounded at each end but could not be sure. She stated she saw it pass over from about east to west as if heading towards the airport. She could not be sure when stating she saw if until finally looking sight stating she could not be sure but either disappeared from view and queried it might have shot up quickly. As part of the investigation I contacted Liverpool airport asking about any flights coming in on the date and time and they returned with information regarding Ryanair fr8929 and a map showing flight path in and height. mufon cms# Runcorn England UK 1/06/22. This Region has had 2,513 Reported UFO UAP Sightings to date. 

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