Cylindrical UFO Sighting Denver International Airport

I am a taxi driver who makes multiple trips to Denver International Airport daily. I am very familiar, therefore, with what planes look like from various angles, altitudes,and speeds as they land and take off from the airport. On Monday, 07/06/20, at about 12:15 pm I was driving a customer to the airport when I had a UFO Sighting unlike anything I have ever seen before. UFO Sighting was traveling from south to north and the altitude seemed quite low. This was in Denver International Airport airspace and was at about the altitude a plane would have been in about 5-10 seconds after takeoff. However, this object was not landing or taking off from DIA, but flying at a steady altitude. This UFO Sighting was capsule shaped, like a medication capsule. It was bright, shiny silver in color with two darker vertical bands each spaced about 1/3 of the length. I could not discern any wings and I could not see a tail, like a plane would have. Simply the cylindrical shape of a capsule. I could not see any windows or markings. I would say the length was less than a 747, but was about 50% bigger in circumference. I lost sight of it as I drove closer to the airport simply because my car passed out of range of being able to see it through my windshield. of course, having a passenger, I could not stop or photograph it. Denver Colorado 7/6/2020

Cylindrical Shaped UFO

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