Cylinder UFO Sighting Reported Stunning Radiant Silver Absolutely Silent Bishop CA

Lake Lamarke Bishop CA 9-10-17 UFO Sighting Cylinder Reported

UFO Sighting reads as follows: I was at Lower Lamarke Lake in the Sierra Mountains. I was just enjoying the scenery and resting from the three hour hike up to the lake. I saw an beautifully radiant silver UFO not too far above the craggy sawtooth peaks surrounding the lake. I watched it fly smoothly past. I kept thinking where are the wings? Where are the wings? I then realized it was absolutely silent. Commercial aircraft are not permitted to fly over this area of the Sierra Mountains. The UFO Sighting was about the size of a small commercial plane,but that is impossible. There is China Lake base not too far away. On many occasions I have seen fighter jets from the base over the Sierras, but they were never silent. My husband was concentrating on his fishing I tried to get his attention to look but couldn't make too noise, because fishermen get mad if you're loud. So he didn't hear me. As far as I know, no one else saw it There were a couple other fishermen whose backs were toward the UFO. If it were a plane I would have been able to hear it, but I heard nothing. mufon cms# 86699 UFO Sighting Reported on September 10 2017

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