Landed UFO Changes Shape and Disappears over Utah 1992

In the summer of 1992, two friends and I were invited by a girl I was dating to come out to go bowling with her and her two friends. She was living with her grandparents in Dougway on the military base. We started driving out towards Dougway in late afternoon. just before dark we crossed Johnson pass (which is a small mountain pass just before a long straight road leading up to the army base). I was in the front passenger seat, my friend Jeremy was driving, and Ryan was in the back seat of the car. as we dropped down out of the pass and started across the small valley we noticed something stretched across the road. as we came within about half a mile from the UFO we discussed what we each thought it looked like. I said "it looks like a big piece of plastic or a parachute because the edges of the UFO were kind of fluttering around on the edges, but it can't be because it's standing about 20 feet high off the road." it also had a white light that was either coming from behind or from inside of the UFO. I didn't see any direct light, it seemed to be all indirect. we continued to drive toward the UFO. when we reached a distance of about 100 yards my friend slowed down and stopped the car. just as we opened the doors, the UFO changed shape! it quickly changed into a cone shape the white light brightened and then streaked straight up with a popping sound scattering dirt and rocks out from the area. The UFO craft left our sight almost instantly and didn't return. both of my friends saw all of these things as well. we all kind of talked about what had happened after that, but never since! MUFON CMS #75923

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