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Black UFO Sighting flying in straight line

Just came in from being out in yard sunning, about 30 minutes ago. I was laying back in chair outside in the yard under a giant cloud blocking the sun. I was starring up at the cloud hoping it would blowout because it was getting chilly and saw what appeared to be a Large Black Bird flying beneath the cloud. It really stood out for some reason, so I reached for my phone while keeping my eyes trained on the UFO Sighting I noticed that the UFO Sighting was not a bird (flying in perfect line and too fast for me to capture on video) it took about 2 seconds for it to go from high noon position to beyond the westward horizon. It made no noise, flew at speeds not attainable by any technology I know of, flew in perfect line, made no noise and was Blacker than Black. I'am not seeing any other UFO Sighting reports online about it anywhere and I am not reporting it (really what's the point?)  But OMG, this was an event unlike anything I have ever been witness to. Did not have time to capture a video, but tried. mufon cms# 109194 Morgantown West Virginia 5/31/20 Region has had 591 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UFO Pink Beams

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