Black Triangle UFO Videotaped over Brooklyn

 I was on my terrace in Greenpoint, Brooklyn when I suddenly looked up and had a UFO Sighting of a Black Triangle Craft with the center cut out and spheres underneath it. We have red hawks in the neighborhood which I thought it was at first but there was no flapping and it was way too big. So I thought maybe it was another drone and I grabbed my phone to zoom and see; right then this UFO Sighting went to an altitude higher than the sun in the sky, so I knew it wasn’t a commercial drone. Then I filmed 3 different planes flying by it, VERY closely which in comparison confirmed the UFO Sighting to be much bigger than I originally thought. Zooming further the shape was also clear, but a force field was apparent, a white glow around it. There was no sound, but this IS a very loud city. It circled and almost flew like it was drunk. I filmed on my phone, an old Nikon Cool-pix hoping to use the better zoom. Then I grabbed my telescope and looked at it with my naked eye. My brain CANNOT file what I saw, and it almost seemed to make me feel fatigued (still the day after). A TR-3B is the only explanation so far, that lines up with what I saw and filmed. Maybe similar looking, but the TR-3B, presuming it exists, cannot make the maneuvers this UFO Sightings makes. original source: video edited by   Brooklyn, NY - 07-05-20

Black Triangle UFO


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