Black Metallic UFO Sighting Reported over Manhattan NY

I live in the Harlem area of Manhattan. My apartment has a roof deck from where I observed two unknown UFO Sightings. While exercising there, I had the first UFO Sighting of a dark circle moving with a steady velocity from the northeast to southeast. At first, I thought it was a Balloon but quickly ruled this out as the object was perfectly spherical and moving too quickly in a straight line. It was too high to be a drone. At one point while directly overhead, it reflected sunlight and I could make out a metallic surface. My location is near La Guardia airport, but this UFO Sighting was not observing any common flightpath. The object eventually faded from view as it proceed southwest. I observed a second craft approximately 15 minutes later, also dark and spherical, flying a similar path but more westward. The velocity and elevation appeared similar to the first craft. Neither craft displayed erratic movements. There were no lights / signals. In fact what was most strange was the utter lack of any surface markings or characteristics of any known aircraft. Source This UFO Sighting reported occurred on 8/15/20 over New York. Image below is only a depiction of actual UFO Sighting.

Black Saucer Shaped UFO hovering over trees

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