Armada of Glowing Orb UFOs reported over New Mexico

My boyfriend and I had just finished eating dinner outside, we were sitting in front of a small fire in this little fire pit he had built a few days before. I was leaning back in my chair watching the sky as I often do. It was a clear night, a little bit chilly. I saw what looked like stars, but much larger moving, flying in from the west, headed east, directly above our house. We live in a very small, rural town. In a heavily wooded area with very few neighbors.

There are no street lights or city lights to muddle the night sky. On clear nights, every star, every constellation is clearly visible. I jumped up and alerted my boyfriend, who also saw this UFO Sighting immediately. He had his phone in his pocket and tried multiple times to record and take pics of these UFOs. His phone kept turning off. It was fully charged. I stood watching and counting them as best I could. They were large, bright white glowing oval shaped balls in the sky. They stayed in a mostly single file line the entire time just above the tree line. I'm sure I missed a few, but at last count there were 84 of these huge glowing UFOs.

The whole UFO Sighting lasted close to ten minutes. About 7 or eight minutes for them all to pass. They were about 500 feet directly above us. They made no sound, they left no trail. No lights, nothing pure silence. As I said, the sky that night was so clear you could see for miles in every direction. as these objects flew east, it was like a door opened up for them to enter. They all just disappeared as they came to that one spot in the sky. Like they were flying through a door. About a minute before I noticed these UFOs, my dog, a large female pit bull who isn't afraid of much, ran inside the house with her tail tucked. Later, I found her hiding in a dark corner of the bathroom. After they were all completely gone we sat in shock at what we'd seen when not more than ten minutes later we heard these really loud jets coming over the horizon.

There were three of them in a v formation. They stayed in that v formation as they flew in the same trajectory as the objects did over our house. I believed we stayed outside for maybe ten minutes more after the jets were gone, but when we went inside and saw the clock, it was almost 3am! that's the part that scares the heck out of me. I thought it would be about 10pm. Maybe 10:30. all this started at 9pm. We lost 5 hours. I remember sitting and talking about it and then getting up and coming inside the house.

There's no way we sat there talking for 5 hours. It's freezing cold in the middle of the night here. There's just no way. today is the 12th. I wasn't sure if I should even say anything to anyone. If it wasn't for the missing time, I don't know that I would have. But I have to try and figure this out. I never felt fear. from the night of this sighting until now. on the contrary, we've both been more at ease, more relaxed. More peaceful since that night. Also just to say a little about myself, I'm a sober, person who lives a simple life. We both are. I work from home. I'm a drug and alcohol counselor who sees patients on zoom.

I'm home most of the time. My boyfriend works in landscaping and is home by 5pm everyday. We love our simple life. We don't drink or do any drugs. We're almost always in bed by 10pm. This is the most amazing, confusing thing that's happened to us. I have to try to know what happened. we also know 3 people here in Pecos who witnessed these objects in the sky that same night. It's up to them whether they report it or not. mufon cms# 115318 Pecos New Mexico 5/08/21 Region has had 1,211 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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