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Anatomy of a UFO sighting

Time: approximately 5:30 pm EDT. Location: est. 50-75 miles south of Fort Lauderdale International Airport Florida on the approach to runway 20-r. Weather: Scattered clouds and thunderstorms in the area estimate 5-7 mile visibility. UFO Shape: Cylindrical Cigar Shaped with semi-pointed ends. Color: Bright, Highly Polished Shiny Metallic Color at first appearing as a light in the distance. Direction: Traveling west first observed to the east Speed: appearing to exhibit the same speed as the rest of the jet air traffic in the vicinity 200 knots altitude: Estimate 5,000 to 6,000 ft above sea level. Details: During our southwest flight to Florida on July 1, 2019, as our aircraft Boeing 737 approached Fort Lauderdale International Airport, the flight crew asked all the passengers to lower their window shades. The reason given was to keep the aircraft interior cool while on the ground after landing. I kept mine open, deciding to lower the shade after landing. As we were approaching the airport from the north, I was sitting on the left side of the aircraft at a window slightly behind the wing root. I watched another commuter jet slowly approach from behind, about a 1,000 ft. off of our left wing apparently landing on parallel runway 20-l. The sun was off to the right (west) of our aircraft and shining directly on the commuter jet as it passed us. A minute or so later I noticed a bright light off in the distance to the east again off of our left wing. Initially appearing as a landing light, as I continued to watch this light approach our aircraft, I became aware of the bright appearance of the aircraft. As it got closer it looked like a bright silver luminescent color with no shadows. I was focused on this appearance when all of a sudden it struck me; the aircraft had no wings or tail. It was a cigar-shaped UFO appearing to be traveling about the same speed as us. UFO Sighting also appeared to be about the same size as our aircraft. From the side UFO appeared to be an elongated ellipsoid with tapered rounded ends. We were probably at about 5,000-7,000 ft. and it appeared to be about 500 ft. below us as it passed probably 1,000 ft. out-of-sight behind our aircraft still traveling west. Our aircraft's interior lights were all off. I then turned to see if anyone else had seen the craft. There were only 3 or so windows still open in the entire aircraft. No one had seen it. mufon cms# 108658 Region has had 5561 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Reflective cylindrical ellipsoid

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