UFO Sighting Scanned Our Brains with Red Light

Me and a buddy were sitting out on the porch in the middle of the night. My friend was in the middle of talking about something and while I was listening to him I was appreciating the night sky. I then noticed three red non-blinking lights in the shape of a triangle moving just above the horizon from the right side of the sky over to the left. Initially I did not think anything of it because the Lexington airport is not too far away so seeing planes low in the sky isn't out of the ordinary. But as I was watching it, the UFO Light stopped traveling all together. It just sat stationary in the air. At this point I point it out to my friend to make sure I was not the only one seeing it. He shared my confusion as we try to figure out what it is. After about 5 seconds the UFO Sighting started moving up and down rapidly sorta like it was trying to figure out if we were looking at it. The UFO Sighting then emitted a red beam of light that I can only describe as similar to that of a red beam attachment that goes on a gun. The beam hit both of us in and through our eyes at the same time and it felt as if my brain was being scanned. The beam was uncomfortable when it was going through my eye so I tried to turn my head to the right to look away and I could still feel the beam going through the side of my skull and in my brain. This lasted about 5-10 seconds and it then shot off into the night sky. I remember a feeling of sickness coming over my whole body, I just felt yucky all over, for lack of better terminology. This only lasted for a few seconds after the encounter another interesting thing about it is the next morning I woke up and had to question if it happened or not, and the days following it felt like my brain was trying to forget what happened. I did foresee the possibility of the beam having some sort of after effect that would make the witness forget the event, and I do remember thinking in the moment to myself and not let yourself forget that happened. And up until now I have kind of kept it in the back of my head not really 100% positive that it happened. but then I watched the new season of hanger 1 that was recently put on Netflix and the second to last episode is about close human/Alien encounters and some people reported the scanning happening to them in the same way that I remembered feeling and they also reported felt that they were being forced to forget it happened by some outside force. After watching that episode and seeing some of the details in my story line up with others I am now convinced what I initially thought I experienced did indeed happen. mufon cms# 116241 Georgetown Kentucky 6/14/21 This Region has had 1,305 Reported UFO Sightings/ UAPs to date. 

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