UFO Sighting Video Myrtle Beach South Carolina

On vacation with my husband we enjoy sitting and talking on the beach in the evenings and listening to the waves. On June 13th we were sitting on the beach and heard someone say what is that? We looked to our left and 2 reddish UFO orbs were above the beach almost looked like they were flying towards us. We watched a couple minutes or so trying to come up with an explanation of what they could be but we have seen tons of helicopters and planes in the skies at night and it was clearly not either one. The UFO Sighting never moved away from one another , they stayed the same distance from each other and didn't appear to be carried by wind. by the time I got my phone out to record them one just seemed to dim out, not long after the other did the same. Not sure what we saw but it seemed to also puzzle the others on the beach around us. mufon cms# 116280 Myrtle Beach South Carolina. 6/13/21 This Region has had 1,006 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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