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Reflective UFOs At Low Altitude Over Johnson City Tennessee

UFO Sighting reported 4/29/18 Johnson City TN

UFO Sighting occurred on April 29,2018: My wife & kids and I were traveling roughly North on State of Franklin Road going toward Sam’s Club. My wife and I were sitting in the front of the vehicle, so we were the first to notice flashes of light (reflections) coming from 3 (possibly 4) UFOs that were traveling due east at tree top level parallel to interstate 26. I say “possibly 4” because I only saw 3, but my wife says she saw 4 UFOs

This UFO Sighting was invisible against the trees as they traveled along a hillside and flashed (sun reflection off of metallic surface?) frequently as they were apparently shifting side to side or possibly wobbling as they traveled. We could not make out a shape. Therefore, estimating a size of the UFOs difficult. They were traveling at a rate of approximately 30-40 miles per hour. 

We quickly lost sight of all but one of the UFOs which traveled approximately a mile away and remained stationary at about 6,000 feet. It appeared to rock back and forth which continued to cause the reflective flashes as we saw on the other UFOs. In between flashes the UFO Sighting appeared to be black. We watched it for about 3 minutes and then went into the store. It was gone by the time we finished shopping 10 minutes later. 

If I had to guess at size I would say 15-10 feet wide. They did not behave like any commercial aircraft I have ever seen, nor did they act like remote control planes or drones that I have ever observed. Lots of people were on the road and out at this time, so I’m hoping that others saw this and will report as well. source nuforc.org

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