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William Shatner New UFO Mysteries TV Series

He is returning to television as the executive producer and host of The Unexplained on HISTORY. Shatner’s latest venture features compelling contributions from scientists, historians, witnesses and those who have experienced something odd seek to shed light on how the seemingly impossible can happen. So, what is The Unexplained all about? The Unexplained deals with mysteries that are all around us. The mysteries of life and death. The mysteries of our brain. The mysteries of space. The mysteries of UFOs Unexplained . The mysteries of places where terrible things seem to happen all the time. The mysteries of people who have had brain injuries and come out doing something completely foreign to them. We lead our lives in mystery and The Unexplained seeks to examine some of them You’re executive producer, and also star. What drew you to the project? Well, the quality of the people I’m working with is one. The tantalizing subject matter is another. I mean, who isn’t fascinated by something that can’t be explained? You ponder it, you worry about it and you think about it, and you don’t come up with an answer. Not having an answer is enraging, so you seek even harder to find one. And those are the qualities I like to wrestle with."

William Shatner UFO Mysteries

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