Vietnam Era UFO Sightings Government Programs

UFO News: Our Friend Paul Dean on "his personal studies pertaining to the recent Pentagon UFO program" and "the research he and his associates have conducted over the years" on "the existence of two Vietnam War-era UFO Sightings projects code named “Have Fear” and “Lethal Chaser.” During the conflict, reports numbering in the hundreds (some 499 confirmed “anomalies,” to be exact) led US forces in South Vietnam to undergo an extensive surveillance operation utilizing radar, laser systems, and other technologies to Vietnamtry to discern whether these apparent aircraft were enemy helicopters, or something else." TGR 07.16.18. Lethal Chaser: Vietnam, UFOs and FOIA Requests - The Gralien Report  This week we discuss Vietnam War-era UFO studies carried out by the United States with Australian researcher Paul Dean.

Vietnam War-era UFO Sightings studies

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