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Spaced Out Radio is a nightly program dedicated to bringing you the latest in the realms of ufology, paranormal, supernatural, cryptozoological, conspiratorial and so much more. Spaced Out Radio  

Tonight on Spaced Out Radio, we head north of the border into Canada where we take a look at the UFO Sightings phenomena of the Great White North. Ryan Stacey is a lead investigator for Black Light Investigative and Surveillance Services. He's also a case worker for MUFON Canada. SPREAKER.COM

The UFO sightings in Canada have really taken off. From Vancouver to Montreal, people are seeing unknown lights in the skies that aren't making sense. The experiences are incredible as people are seeing everything from lit up rods, to orbs, to black triangles.

With Black Light, Ryan looks for the most logical explanation for what people are seeing. Filing full reports, especially those that cannot be fully understood.

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