UFO Sighting investigations by FBI

UFO News today:  The Senate Intelligence Committee requested information on UFO Sightings from a number of agencies including the FBI. Hoover stopped UFO Sighting investigations in Sept 1947 although later on he did allow for some investigations near nuclear installations. Otherwise, FBI offices were to refer reports or leads to local USAF OSI districts. However, this was sometimes honor in breech.

Levelland. Dr.Donald Burleson in MUFON Journal #409 reported that Sheriff Weir Clem was admonished by the FBI to stop talking about the UFO Sighting incident. LIFE magazine sent a reporter and a photographer but the article was never published, and only the UFO photographs were only released later. Did the USAF or FBI intervene here?

Shippingsport Nuclear Reactor, PA 1957. Local press reported that the FBI and USAF were investigating.

Scorrco NM 1964. The NM FBI did not just pass on a lead to the OSI, but investigated extensively. It also investigated the Gallegos UFO sighting and found him credible.

Northern Tier 1975. Greenwood has two bankers' boxes of official docs here. There is FBI involvement.

On the Project 1947 website are docs from the Seattle FBI office. They are doing more then sharing leads. I have docs from other FBI offices, same there. Amusingly in a turn around from usual procedures, an OSI agent in Los Angeles calls the FBI first before reporting his UFO sighting to the Air Force. Credit J.Aldrich F.B

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