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UFO Orb Lights Gone Wild

Light without obvious mundane source pervades several facets of the paranormal. Meandering lights cruise our night skies. Wheels of light turn beneath our oceans. In dozens of places around our world, ghost lights rise up to haunt us. There are orbs of sizzling energy (not to be confused with the "invisible" orbs appearing in flash photographs) seemingly guided by some intelligence. Luminous circles illuminate dark country meadows. Beams and rays and flashes begin and end without rhyme or reason. Creatures and nonhuman beings can be surrounded by radiance of varying intensity. There are reports of glowing eyes. Unexplained lights can invade our homes...credit Robert Goerman

http://thebiggeststudy.blogspot.com/2010/03/lights-that-got-in-unenlightening.html  Has anyone experienced or investigated these Home Anomalous Light Observations?

UFO Orb Lights Gone Wild

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