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UFO Landing in the Peru Amazon Jungle 4/16/16

UFO NEWS UPDATE of possible UFO landing in the Amazon jungle of Peru. It took place in "San Gabriel de Varadero" (about 1.5 - 3 hrs distant by boat from the city of Yurimaguas (using a canoe with propeller engines called "Peque Peque" because of the thump thump thump thump noise it makes) from the city of Yurimaguas in the Department of Loreto, Peru, in the Amazon Jungle. On Monday, April 16, 2016, between 8 and 9 PM (they go to bed early in the jungle), a woman called Agripina Huanze was sleeping with her sister and sons and was awakened by a strong sound like bird wing flapping and that of a kitchen blender then a strong light come into her bedroom as if a searchlight was pointing from the outside. She then sighted 4 shining semi spherical UFO objects flashing red and green lights like those of a traffic light and she allegedly felt that something was coming down. Apparently 2 of the UFOs landed in her garden about Eight (8) meters from her house. The UFOs are described as one meter (3.3 feet) in size. Frightened, she hid in her house, called the local authorities by phone and alerted the community awakening other members of the village. The alarmed villagers then communicated with a radio station.

Teacher Freddy Nuñez (Mosombite?) communicated with a radio pleading for help and asking for police assistance with great emotion. At that moment he described the UFOs as "triangular."

The report by UFO researcher Anthony Choy says the villagers sighted 4 UFOs. Two would have landed and two remained flying and shining lights onto people. There's a previous report saying that UFOs made strong noises as those of a kitchen blender. According to a previous interview an alarmed teacher (Herbert Canchari) trying to protect his family shot repeatedly to the UFOs with a shotgun and the UFOs quickly fled not giving time to shoot at them with precision (reason for which locals doubt they might be drones as has been suggested) but the UFOs returned a few hours later the following day (same night) in the wee hours of the AM and allegedly one or more persons saw humanoid beings coming out of a device not right in the village itself but apparently deeper into the jungle.

Apparently, at least one of the UFOs landed near a kindergarten school (a "Jardin" or garden as it is called in Spanish) leaving a small triangular mark (perhaps more - this is unclear to me).

Researcher Anthony Choy thinks the UFOs might have been small because the mark had three indentations some 12 inches apart. He also supposes they may have been heavy because of making three deep small holes in hard soil.

In a previous interview a witness described appearance allegedly looked "like a kite" but was also described as a "machine" that after landing apparently lit itself up once again, made some strange movements ("as if recoiling to gather strength) as it lifted off ground before flying away.

According to a previous report, some individuals mention that humanoid(s) seen were dressed approximately as astronauts.

Ufologists from APU (The Peruvian Ufological Association) have been visiting the area. Reportedly, the villagers are afraid and organizing themselves to patrol the area overnight. They are requesting the presence of the police or of military authorities. Marcelino Aguilar, a reporter from RPP Radio and a reporter from a newspaper called "El Diario de Yurimaguas" initially covered the news a few days ago.

Allegedly, the following day (this information retrieved thanks to an interview by Dr. Anthony Choy) Mrs Donilda Lomas saw a tall & white man in relation to a light that came down and she described him saying that he didn't step on the ground. Mrs. Donilda doesn't speak Spanish but rather a dialect from the Shawi ethnic group. She was translated. An UFO of pure light(s) came down and a tall white man also with lights came out. The UFO sighted before also looked like an umbrella and made the sounds described before.

Some photos of daylight white orbs against the sky seem to be coming out since Wednesday. credit Giorgio Piacenza  Please View Peru UFO Landing encounter Video here 


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