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The UFO ET Dilemma What is to be done? 21516

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J. Burkes MD

A possible plan for opening up our civilization to what appears to be an extraterrestrial presence. For me the next steps are clear and I appreciate how outrageous what I am about to put down in writing might appear to be. First UFOlogy needs to abandon the pseudo scientific paradigm and stop focusing on sighting reports. Instead we should engage UFO intelligence on the terms that they are putting forward and that is to go spiritual, meditate, celebrate brotherhood and sisterhood made large so that we can continue to get direct experience encountering them mentally as well as face to face. This means embracing a sense of oneness that is the precondition for overcoming some but not all of our fears in meeting them.

I understand that such proposals are extremely radical but UFO studies are at an impasse and now is the time to try something new. Or we can continue forever describing the "flight characteristics" of what we believe are physical objects but in reality may merely be “visual displays" as Dr Vallee characterized them forty years ago. But this is not enough. We need to fully grasp the ways in which UFO Intel uses illusion to create hologram like visual displays that we call "craft" and the virtual reality or implanted memories that are employed which we call "abductions" for those that feel victimized and "on board experiences" for contactees like myself that truly experience love when interacting with flying saucer intelligence.

This must be combined with politicizing UFOlogy so that it will link the object of our fascination with concrete improvements in the lives of 99 % of the people on the planet. Ending war and creating social justice to prevent future wars could set the stage for getting UFO technology (i.e. “free energy”) and as in the movie “Casablanca” that just might be "the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

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