The Petrozavodsk UFO Phenomenon of 1977

UFO News Today: The "Petrozavodsk Phenomenon", is one of the most interesting Mass UFO sightings among Ufologists. Eighty five UFOs of different shapes and colors were reportedly seen and photographed on September 20th 1977 in the Soviet Union, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, and Estonia. The UFOs  caused strange holes in windows, abnormal vegetation growth, and strange psychological effects to people. The explanations to the UFO incidents remain very disputed and controversial. This is a series named "Mysteries of The World" talking about strange and non explainable incidents and events around the world, as well as archeological artifacts and places that are shrouded with mysteries, and their possible link to Ancient Aliens. In today's video we will talk about a series of strange UFO Sightings which occurred in the Soviet Union and northern Europe on September 20th 1977, which later became known as the Petrozavodsk Phenomenon or the Petrozavodsk miracle. It is considered as one of the most interesting mass sightings of a UFO in the 20th century.

Petrozavodsk UFO Phenomenon of 1977

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