Science Behind Back Engineering Recovered UFOs

UFO News: Perhaps the most difficult part of Back Engineering a UFO is the metals. The propulsion system and even the structure would not likely work very well without the proper metals. We know the metals are a mixture of metals with strong electrical capabilities. Additionally, they need to absorb punishment from meteorites and return to the ordinal shape. A report claimed you could actually stick your arm into the side of craft for 12 inches or so, pull out your arm and the structure would immediately heal itself. Possibly the most difficult part is to make the craft think and accept instructions. I’m told if you tell the craft to turn left out loud in English it will turn left. If you tell it to go to a particular destination and it will follow verbal instructions with no apparent computers visible it will fly to the destination. The computers could be built into the metal walls since the craft follows verbal instructions.

Silver Saucer Shape UFO

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