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NASA now states it will study UAPs

UFO News: Contact/Disclosure activists used to say that the NASA acronym really stood for “Never A Straight Answer.” The joke was NASA was the only US “civilian” space completely controlled by the military.
NASA while playing an important role in the flying saucer coverup, going back to the 1960s it has quietly interacted with contact experiencers. John Keel in his “Moth-man Prophecies” describes how one contact was given a week-long vacation trip to Cape Canaveral where he was reportedly debriefed. More recently the prominent experiencer Chris Bledsoe Sr. has described being visited by former and current high ranking NASA officials who expressed tremendous interest in his remarkable ongoing contacts.
If NASA it going to study the 2004 Nimitz UFO Sighting encounter, one naturally wonders how much access they will be given for their “scientific investigation.” Following the now famous “tic-tacUAP event according to the Nimitz carrier group radar personnel, all the radar recordings of those events were turned over to intelligence officials in civilian clothing.
Despite my concerns about NASA’s historic role in the massive government/corporate de facto policy of ridicule and denial, their involvement at this critical point might be a good thing. As a supposed non-military/intelligence government agency, they might help shift the balance away from “threat assessment” towards more peaceful pursuits when it comes to UFO Sightings flying saucers.
Researcher Grant Cameron has recently described what appears to be a significant behind the scenes effort. According to Grant, author Leslie Kean and political operative John Podesta are attempting to get the Biden Administration to use its White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to study what is known as “the Phenomenon.”
Let us hope that their reported efforts will be successful.
credit. J. Burkes MD 2021

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