Large Triangle Object Craft Emitting Extremely Bright Light

Deploying smaller lights objects. UFO News:  This sighting took place over two nights/ mornings starting on August 4th, 2020. August 4th, 2020- 0300 hours: I witnessed a large in scale object in the sky in a Northeast position above the State Capitol building in downtown Madison Wisconsin. It was emitting an extremely bright white light that was almost difficult to stare at due to it's intensity. The UFO Sighting in question was mostly stationary in the sky only varying a pattern of clockwise movement in a minute fashion, and was slowly rotating on axis. It was roughly 30 to 40,000 feet in altitude, and in comparison to cargo jets flying nearby it was determined to be at least 4 to 5 times the size of a large jumbo jet (example being an Airbus A-380).

The object in question was not a satellite or the ISS due to it's size, placement within the atmosphere/ sky, and contradiction to ISS flight path per NASA source. 0330: I witnessed several small lights/ lighted objects dart out of the primary object in question, they flew out in all directions toward the horizon. The object maintained a super- vibrant light emission and proximity to the aforementioned. 0400: The object began to slowly move upward in the sky and diminish in size as if moving out of the atmosphere. Just after dawn broke it was gone. August 5th, 2020- 0300: The UFO in question returned, but at a much higher altitude/ further distance than the prior night, it again maintained a somewhat fixed position for a period of time though was rotating on axis more. I maintained observation as able while performing work duties.

0330: I observed the object in question intensify and diminish it's light projection, and begin to move to higher altitude/ outward toward atmosphere, then back to previous altitude. 0400: I observed several of the smaller lights/ objects move from west to east under the primary large craft in question, then spontaneously disappear just low and east of the large object. The large Craft had maintained the high intensity light emission once again. 0430: The large object in question once again moved upward and outward in a moderate consistent pace out of the atmosphere until it had disappeared from physical view right around dawn breaking. End of Report. Madison WI. 8/4/20

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