How UFOs Maneuver in Atmosphere Environments

UFO Sightings are very strange and curious. We do not know where they are coming from? what is their energy source ? how do they propel in space? Without making any sound they can simply hover in the air, without making sonic boom they can travel at supersonic speeds. They also demonstrate an extreme degree of maneuverability. According to Einstein's theory of special relativity that was published in 1905, matter and energy are two different manifestations of the same thing. Now, it is believed that, the mass defect that occurs in a nuclear reaction is converted into energy. Today we use Einstein's famous mass-energy equivalence formula, E = mc^2, to calculate the amount of energy released in a nuclear reaction. How UFOs Work watch video here
However Mr. Joseph George has a different thought about this. He considers the possibility that there is a similarity between chemical explosions and nuclear explosions. He thinks that perhaps the mass defect in a nuclear reaction is converted into a thin form of matter called space-matter. A gram of missing matter is converted into a cubic kilometer volume of space- matter in millionth of a second. This rapid-huge expansion and explosion provides the surrounding particles a great amount of kinetic energy and when these particles collide with the surrounding matter results in the generation of a tremendous amount of heat energy. Maybe this is the way how a nuclear explosion releases energy. He thinks that perhaps extraterrestrials use this explosion of ordinary matter into space-matter in a controlled manner for the propulsion of UFOs. Maybe UFO Sightings are able to create the required amount of thrust with this kind of propulsion.

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