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UFO News Today: Computer science master's students sifted through thousands of documented sightings of UFOs to tackle one of the greatest unsolved mysteries: Are we alone in the universe? Data-Crunching Class Looks to the Skies to Explore UFO Sightings - USC Viterbi | School of Engineering "To extract as much meaningful information to analyze as possible, students scraped data from ufostalker.com, a UFO sighting website, and converted PDF files from archival sightings into a searchable format that could be added to the database. “We learned the importance of cleaning the data early on in the process,” said Pablo Guidice, a member of Team 8. “For example, we scraped data from an online forum about UFO sightings, but people were also posting ads in the same forum. If we hadn’t cleaned the data first, it could have led us to the wrong conclusions.” The struggle was all part of the plan for Mattmann. By confronting this real-world data messiness, he aims to give students a taste of life as professional data scientists and prepare them to tackle data projects outside the classroom." credit F.S.

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