Can We Believe Government Employees for UFO Information?

UFO News Today: We should all be careful when citing the exclamations of government employees. Even people who were legitimately placed in the Government, can be horrible sources of UFO information. Enter Paul Hellyer. Mr. Hellyer is always introduced as "former Canadian Defense Minister who has knowledge of the ET presence in our planet." The truth is that if anything he could be labeled an enthusiast like many of us. Although his enthusiasm didn't lead to discernment or credible sources! For those who aren't aware, Mr. Hellyer had ZERO UFO involvement during his tenure as Defense Minister. He admits to seeing the "occasional flying saucer report" but that he was "too busy" with his duties to pay them any mind. Upon retiring a friend gave him a copy of Corso's The Day After Roswell which compelled him to seek more information. Hellyer claims to have then spoken to a retired US General that told him "every word is true!" Wow! I can't can't think of a more discredited piece of pop-fiction than Corso's book! Corso’s book depicted himself as an almost Forest Gump like character that happened to be in the right place at the right time for numerous historical events, as well as his assertions that he seeded alien technology into industry creating many of the technologies that we take for granted today! This is all utter BS or course; his claims have been thoroughly debunked by believers and skeptics alike. Hellyer was also recruited by numerous UFO/Exopolitics charlatans who could not wait to say that they had a high level player who was ready to talk. So today Mr Hellyer is treated like a man with inside knowledge while in reality, he is a retired old man that fell for UFO fiction and uses his former station in life to gain access to speaking events so he can tell us about the stuff he believes! credit Danny Miller.

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