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Astronaut Gordon Cooper Spotted UFOs During Moon Flights

Edwards Air Force Base, California in 1957, Gordon Cooper was one of an elite band of test pilots at Edwards Air Force Base in California, in charge of several advanced projects, including the installation of a precision landing system.

“I had a camera crew filming the installation when they spot…

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Congressional Update on The UAP UFO Mandates

In Congress, the real UAP action now centers on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and on Nov. 4, 2021, there occurred what could prove to be a very important development.
You may recall that in September the U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of the NDAA (H.R. 4350…

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Royal Australian Air Force Declines Investigating UFO Sightings

"The Royal Australian Air Force chief says Australia has no plans to follow the Pentagon by formally investigating UFOs, insisting his pilots have not reported any Recent UFO Sightings of unexplained objects in the sky.

At a Senate estimates hearing, RAAF Chief Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld was qui…

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Germany UFO UAP research at the University of Wurzburg

UFO NEWS TODAY: There are things between heaven and earth that cannot be explained: extraterrestrials, UFOs, unknown celestial phenomena. But that doesn't mean that they don't exist. They get to the bottom of them at the University of Wurzburg.
At the latest when the Pentagon submitted i…

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Seeing is believing Riveting UFO Video Footage and Audio

UFO News Today: Link to Air to Air, the first episode. The video includes riveting footage and audio recorded by FedEx and former US Air Force Strato tanker pilot Erik Delgado and equally fascinating accounts by Matthew Roberts of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.
Seeing is believing…

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Modern Day UFO Sightings No One Can Explain

UFO News Today: An article from News Week UFO Sightings no one can explain. Here are some of the weirdest UFO sightings, Kenneth Arnold Mount Rainier WA June 24th 1947, Lonnie Zamora April 24th 1964 Socorro NM from U.S. fighter pilots engaging with a super-speed, giant Tic Tac shaped aircraft in 200…

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What do Aliens and UFOs smell like?

Nearly every aspect of UFOs and extraterrestrials has been studied in detail. Investigators have researched cases involving landing traces, radar-returns, animal reactions, medical effects, electromagnetic effects, UFO propulsion, the list goes on and on! One aspect of Ufology that has been …

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Weird Gray Shaped UFO Sighting Caught on Video

I was at work when one of my employees called for me and said there was a Large Gray UFO in the sky. I came out my office and went outside to see a weird shape UFO Sighting just sitting in the sky it was not moving and it was not making any sound. It set there for a few minutes, I went back inside f…

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Top Five Places To Have a UFO Sighting Is

A study showed that the best place to go to have a UFO Sighting or other UAP is the West Coast of the United States in the springtime (so you will have to plan the trip for next year) and California seems to be a particular favorite haunt of alien life-forms having recorded a whopping 619 re…

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Changing Dates & Locations on UFO Sighting Videos

Here we have someone recycling old UFO Sighting Videos changing the date and location of the video and submitting the recycled video. Take a look and see for yourself. mufon cms# 117235 Philadelphia PA 8/11/21

 Video Recycled Philadelphia Pennsylvania 8/11/21…

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Unknown UFO Sighting Encounters Puerto Rico

SETI members know much more than they say publicly about the UFO issue.
The UFO Sighting encounters described here took place in the area of the Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico, and is an example of a good number of similar events related to the presence of UFO Sightings …

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Brief Cultural History on UFO Sightings

PBS A brief cultural history of UFOs & UFO Sightings, from secret Soviet weapons to alien visitors
By Greg Eghigian, The Conversation July 8, 2021 12:10 PM EDT
On June 25, 2021, the U.S. government released a nine page preliminary report on UFOs, or, as it is now calling them, Unid…

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U.S Government Prepares to Issue UFO Sightings Report

UFO News: "The Times, citing senior administration officials briefed on a classified version of the report, said officials found that the vast majority of more than 120 UAP "UFO Sightings" incident reports over the past two decades many observed by personnel aboard U.S. Navy aircraft and warships di…

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NASA now states it will study UAPs

UFO News: Contact/Disclosure activists used to say that the NASA acronym really stood for “Never A Straight Answer.” The joke was NASA was the only US “civilian” space completely controlled by the military.
NASA while playing an important role in the flying saucer coverup, goi…

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UFO News US Navy Monitoring UFO Sighting Incidents

In recent years  it has become clear that there is a pattern of unidentified aircraft "UFO" operating in sensitive airspace, often used by the military, and acting in unsafe ways. The most significant recent example was an UFO Sighting incident involving multiple aircraft apparently harassing Unit…

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The Welsh Village Pentyrch UFO Coverup

UFO News: In 2016, a peculiar pyramid-shaped UFO was witnessed over the Welsh village of Pentyrch. What is claimed to have followed was shocking: military intervention resulting in the alien spacecraft crashing into woodland on the outskirts of Llantrisant, Wales. In the years since this happening, …

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US Navy filmed SPHERICAL shaped UFOs going into the water

UFO News: The US Navy photographed & filmed “spherical” shaped UFOs & advanced trans-medium vehicles; here is some of that footage. Filmed in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha / July 15th 2019 / warning area off San Diego @ 11pm PST. No wreckage found. No craft were recovered. credi…

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Entered Yellow Fog Missing Time Mount Cahuilla CA

Spring of 1956  after driving south on highway 79, I turned west on road 371 towards Anza CA. A top of the first hill I was surrounded in a soft yellow light; not unlike driving into a fog and cannot see anything except the yellow light. The next thing that happened the light disappeared and I was p…

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Trinity The Best Kept UFO Secret Book release

UFO News: SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 6, 2021 — Hard evidence has existed since 1945 for the actual recovery of unidentified flying Object in the United States, according to a new research book, TRINITY: The Best-Kept Secret(June 1st, 2021, available at Amazon) written by two seasoned analysts o…

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The Pentagon Report UFOs "UAP" Are Real

UFO News: They "Pentagon" felt that it made them look inept,” he said. “They felt in some cases that it challenged their philosophical and theological belief systems. They just couldn’t process it. There seems to be a very distinct congruency between UAP "UFO" activity and our nuclear technol…

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