CE-5 UFO ET Spiritual Global Contact Event Oct 2016

CE5 SAN DIEGO Global Event Oct. 1, 2016 had Links to Rahma, Shasta, Native American Teachings, and Lessons in Consciousness. by Rae Dove

Under the dark veil of the night and crystal clear Milky Way, in a clearing completely surrounded by hills, oak trees, and sage brush in the Southern California mountains, sat a group of six CE-5 workers raising their conciousnesses in meditation and chanting in hopes of connecting with Extraterrestrials… and they did!

I was invited to join the CE-5 San Diego Group on their Global CE-5 weekend event. I was looking forward to a CE-5 camping weekend with other like-minded souls. In preparation, for three consecutive nights before the weekend event, I did a short meditation asking ET's telepathically to join us there. I don't know if other members did this as well, but before Global CE-5s, this is usually what I did. On the day of the event, we set up camp, and I was given a tour of the area and its history and where we would be CE-5ing that night. The area is rich in Native American history. The Kumeyaay, or Diegueno Native American peoples had lived on these lands for 1,000's of years. This land is considered perhaps sacred. There is also a story of an ET Craft landing in the area long ago, and of the Kumeyaay residents going out and greeting them in friendship.

I was taken over and shown "the circle" where we would be CE-5ing later that night. This 15 to 18 foot circle, I was told, was permanently there- vegetation did not seem to grow much in this most obvious circle of semi-barren earth. As I stepped into the circle, I immediately felt a strong electric-like energy coming up through my feet. The energy felt calming, yet full of life and energy at the same time. Yards away from the circle was a very bushy, large, healthy looking Scrub Oak Tree. This particular tree also had a history… On another CE-5 Event occasion, a Light Being had been seen entering this tree.

7:33 PM
The evening was still early as we sat around the camp fire chatting about plans to CE-5 out in the field later, perhaps around 10:00 PM when all would be still and quiet in the campground. As we talked, I had the sudden urge to walk away from the light of the fire about 15 feet and stargaze. Almost immediately I saw a "UFO" starship moving from south to north towards the field. I walked back to tell everyone and we noted the time. It was 7:33 PM. (When we noted the time, I immediately thought to myself, "that's weird, that's a Rahma number, "33".) I should tell you that I don't believe in "coincidences", so seeing this number got my attention, however, I didn't share this information with anyone else at the time. Then all of us walked back to where I had been standing when I saw the "UFO" ship, and I pointed out the location in the sky. Almost immediately, again, we all started seeing multiple, bright "flashbulbs" going off in the sky around that very spot - I believe a total of 7 flashbulbs. So, in light of this early show of ET presence, we decided to waste no time in heading out to the field location where we were to CE-5.

The sky in the middle of the field was filled with stars! The Milky Way was crystal clear and loomed above us like our own massive sparkling chandelier shining in a dense splash of tiny lights! After we situated ourselves in our chairs in a circle, there were so many flashbulbs going off that we seemed to delay meditation for a bit in order to watch them all! We finally started with holding hands, stating our intentions, and then taking turns with introductions around the circle. Then two members, Peter and Thomas, beautifully played singing bowls. The combined sounds of the bowls resonated in a rich tone that served to raise our vibrations collectively. Crop Circle sounds were played for a few minutes. Thomas burned Sage for cleansing, and then lit and passed around the circle sweet smelling Palo Alto wood for individual cleansing. He then led a very beautiful meditation afterwards. During this meditation, I felt an ET presence, tingling around my head, and a triggered feeling of love in my heart center. Behind closed eyes, I saw a faint image of an ET person; he had short blond hair cut in a bob style, and tannish-yellow skin. He telepathically gave me a message which I shared with the group. He said; "The work you (we) do is commendable".

We sat in stillness after the meditation. Suddenly another member of the group, Robert, whom had been at a recent Rahma Event, stated; "We should chant "Rahma"!. And Peter, whom was also at that same Rahma event said; "lets do 12". So, we started chanting "Rahma" 12 times, carefully rolling the "r" properly each time. And with each chant, I became more and more aware of ET presence, and with each chant, I could feel more and more electric-like energy building up in my body. Apparently, something else was also going on with another member of the group sitting across from me at the same time…

Right after our last chant, Thomas, sitting across from me, and I, both, started hearing a high pitched, mechanical sound coming from the direction of the big bushy oak tree - the same "tree" that I mentioned earlier that CE-5ers had seen a Light Being enter on a previous occasion. However, only the two of us could hear this sound. Then, Thomas said; "It sounds familiar". He opened up the ET Contact tool app and played the tone for everyone to hear. Yes, that was the sound! It turned out to be very similar in sound to the one that had been recorded at Shasta! The two of us continued to hear the sound on and off over a period of 5 to 10 minutes. One might ask; why, in a group of six people, all sitting right next to each other, that only two could hear the sound. It is my belief that we two were vibrating at the same level or frequency. We were in the same state of consciousness, probably facilitated by the ET's. It's like being tuned into the same radio channel.

Suddenly, Thomas got up and announced that he had the strange urge to walk slowly to "the tree", backwards, with his arms straight out, (His intuition told him to walk backwards as a "sign of trust" and as discouragement from fear). From the moment that he got up though, still charged with high energy and feeling ET presence, I found myself automatically "tuned in" and feeling everything he was experiencing as he slowly walked backwards. Without hesitation, I also felt compelled to announce out loud to the others in the group, everything that he was experiencing as it happened, minute by minute, and step by step…"feeling energy vibrations in his head, heart chakra activation, intense love felt in the heart center, tingling in the arms, feelings of so much love, tingling and energy felt in the hands, being touched from behind, touched on the back, feeling lifted up…. (At one point, when Thomas said he felt like he was being "lifted", I too felt like my consciousness was also being lifted high into, and within the cosmos!) It was all very spiritual feeling in nature. Others in the group also reported feeling intense love in their heart centers as well as they listened and watched.

When Thomas was almost to the tree, still walking backwards, I suddenly began to shake and felt so charged with electric-like energy that I felt the need to ground myself immediately. I broke my attention away from him, hopped up, announced my intentions, and quickly headed off to find the biggest rock I could locate to hold on to (to ground myself!) I couldn't find one rock in the dark, so I dropped to the ground about 15 feet from the circle and sunk both hands into the soft dirt. With my hands still in the ground, I suddenly felt the urge to release the energy I was feeling into the Earth as "love and healing". I stopped shaking and felt better after that, then went back to the circle and sat down. But after the energy release into the Earth, I started feeling extremely cold- like I was in an ice house sitting on and surrounded by blocks of ice! I started shivering and shaking uncontrollably. Just then, I thought I heard Thomas over at the tree calling my name and asking me to come over to the tree. So I walked over to the tree and stood next to him. Immediately, I felt very warm electrical-like energy currents entering through the bottoms of my feet from the ground, and going up into my body, instantly warming me! It was like Mother Earth was caring for and warming me herself! I stopped shivering. Then Thomas mentioned also feeling heat in the area where we were standing. Then, Peter walked over to the tree to join us - to see what we were talking about with all the warmth, and he also reported feeling a warm spot right next to the tree as well.

To me, this intuitively felt like a message; That when we take care of our planet, our Mother Earth, by giving her "love and healing", that is, caring for her, that she in return is better able to care for us. This brought to mind a powerful ancient chant by the Lakota Native American Peoples: "The earth is our mother, we must take care of her. Her sacred ground we walk upon, with every step we take. The earth is our mother, she will take care of us". There is another similar quote by a Huichol Holy Man, Native to the Mexico, Sierra Madre Range… "Humankind must be a steward of the Earth; Caretakers for all that dwells upon it; To be of one heart with all things".

Meanwhile… during our CE-5 experience, and as it unfolded, across the globe in the UK, another CE-5 worker, a friend of mine, Jamie, had linked with me non locally, seemingly tuning in astrally via a vivid dream state. He later described to me seeing in his vivid dream, two individuals, myself and another person, male, near a big tree. (Thomas and I). He saw this in a clearing with mountains in the distance and "mini hills" close by. (This description closely describes the area we were in.) Right above the tree, about 400 feet, he saw a flashbulb go off and "sensed" an invisible or cloaked "UFO" craft. (A flashbulb was seen by 1 or more members above the tree, and another flashbulb, in or directly behind the tree at head level. The mechanical sounds Thomas and I heard, were also coming from the direction of the tree.) He also reported having his "heart opened" during his vivid astral type dream. (Many members that night also felt intense or strong feelings of love in their heart centers as well.) … And of this nonlocal astral connection where one was having a vivid dream whilst another was awake CE-5ing? To me, it was a lesson in consciousness…As above, so below… what effects above, effects below… one awake in a holographic dream, one asleep in a holographic dream, yet in shared consciousness, dreaming the same dream.

Upon returning from the field, we all retired to our cots, tents, and sleeping bags under the stars. I had trouble drifting off to sleep. I was still feeling quite charged with electrical energy. Finally, just as I had started to doze off to sleep, I was jarred to attention by the sound of footsteps a short distance from my tent. I thought perhaps it was an animal. But, curious as to what type of animal, I decided to try and hone into the sound by attempting an empathic connection with the footsteps. As I did, I suddenly felt the presence of a nonhuman person, (as there was a higher and different vibrational feeling associated with the steps). Electricity surged through me as my state of consciousness became elevated, and feelings of love were triggered in my heart center. This repeated 2 more times into the night. Each time I had started to doze off to sleep, I would hear foot steps jarring me to attention again, and upon tuning in empathically, again, felt love, electric energy, and ET presence. Why didn't I grab by flashlight and go outside in hopes of meeting Star Visitors face to face? … I thought about it, but every time I placed my flashlight in my hand, I felt, or empathically sensed a gentle discouragement from doing this. I finally fell asleep with the flashlight still in my hand, saying to myself; "Maybe next time". In the morning, I learned that one other person had also heard the footsteps- Thomas. He also had thought about checking out the footsteps with his flashlight too, but for some reason, also did not feel compelled to venture out, and too said; "next time I hear the footsteps, I'll go out". One other person, Robert, was awakened once in the night, as well, to feelings of electrical-like energy in his body.

DATA and SYNCHRONICITIES: 33, 7, 7:33, 3, 2, …
As the CE-5 Event unfolded, a member of the group was recording data and taking notes. Some of the totals recorded that night were: 33 Flash Bulbs, 2 Flash Bulbs were red, Event started with 7 flashbulbs, 7 flashbulbs were seen as Robert introduced himself, 2 orbs were seen (between the two days), at least 3 "UFO" star-ships seen.

Other unrecorded data: 2 people heard footsteps, 2 people shared the same spiritual experience, 2 people connected astrally, 2 people felt the presence of loved ones that had passed, 2 people heard the mechanical sounds, 2 people there were new to the CE-5 field experience, 2 orbs seen, 2 sets of 7 flashbulbs were seen, 2 people were awoken in the night to feelings of high energy vibrations in their body. There were 2 singing bowls, 2 types of cleansing plants burned, and 6 people attended- each arriving in groups of 2. Campsite number was 24… 2 + 4 = 6 (6 people attended).

I can only speak for myself, but this CE-5 Event was not merely about observing fantastic light displays of flashbulbs and starships in the sky. This was an experience where the visual display up in the sky was not the complete show. It was just the beginning of the show- a prelude to a mystical, science, and energy-infused direct learning experience that was still yet to come! It was as though we were in an advanced 4th dimension science class being taught under the stars, out in the field, via direct hands-on experience with loving guidance. It was a lesson in consciousness, and that EVERYTHING is connected… peoples, symbols, signs, synchronicities, the earth, the trees, the animals, the dream world, the awake world, ET's, the universe, the cosmos… It is, we are, all connected! And, it's not just saying the words or reading them as: 'We are all connected". It's the actual experiencing of those connections directly, first hand, that we are able to realize this via higher states of consciousness. There was something very hand-tailored, orchestrated, and synchronized with this experience for all of us as a collective group, and also for each one of us, as individuals as well. It was a lesson, a demonstration, that we are always connected, and everything IS connected! I believe that when we are able to raise our consciousness and vibratory rates, that we are then able to perceive and experience these beautiful connections, and ultimately, learn who we are and who they are!

Rae Dove
Spiritual ET Contact.org

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