Alien Close Encounter Involving Physical Altercation

I live in a small town called new castle. new castle is about 3 hours west from the states capitol of Denver, Colorado. on Thursday, July 2nd, my girlfriend and I decided to go for a late in the night drive along a winding dirt road, miles away from any civilization, Buford road. found a private quiet place to park, not a soul in sight. Up high in the mountains, giving us a excellent view of the sky in the dead of summers night. after a long day, and a long night of adventuring we both decided to get some shut eye camping in my Suzuki. Now this is where things start getting weird. Neither of us have any recollection of attempting to close our eyes to sleep or falling asleep, however every time I have a experience there is a trans-like paralysis state I am always in. the last few times I have been able to resist this state, therefore I now have some memories intact.

I first remember looking out my driver side window seeing a being that was barely able to peek over the car into the window, which was very small in length, not even reaching 4-ft. the body was only a few inches wide, head was shaped similar of a old fashioned iron. Having Large Oblong Jet Black Eye's, with a slit of Red sitting in the center. The Alien beings appearance represented how a abstract painting looks, if that makes any sense? I then look over towards the passenger seat. This feeling felt as if there is an invisible force pushing back on you as you try to move anything to keep you in place, in a state somewhere between reality and the dreaming realm. There was one Alien Being sitting right there next to me! appeared to be identical to the same one looking through my window moments ago. In the backseat sitting was a friend of mine (who happens to be my girlfriend now). That Alien being had startled me enough to the point that led me to take a swing, able to make contact with my fist, all while knowing she was back there. Once making full-on contact, the Alien being then disappeared, leaving me with a sore hand, now convinced this is all very real.

While still in a paralyzed state, mentally and physically I was able to understand what was going on. Which helped me manage to get a grip, and to focus. focused just enough I was now able to take control, freeing myself choosing to slam down onto the steering wheels horn. instantly had started yelling for girlfriend, almost begging to look up at starry eyed sky. Both now with our heads cocked straight back, I noticed the same light from before catching my attention, making me curious once again. this unknown light was now brighter than all the others, now appearing much closer.

Watching closely as the light emitted a shower of sparks as it darted across the sky and was gone. The next morning I tried calling Rifle Airport (the nearest airport) to inquire about if they had a radar and they told me the nearest one would be all the way in Denver. I did not call Denver seeing as I am sure they would not have told me if something had of appeared on radar. This is just one Alien experience of many. I have woke up one time on a road that did not connect to the road I was on before the experience. I had woken up 30 miles away in the wrong direction. I have even came to one time going about 30 miles per hour on I-70 with traffic flying by me honking their horn. mufon cms# 109920 New Castle Colorado 7/2/2020 Region has had 2,560 Reported UFO Sightings to date.


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