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UFO Alien Publication Newsletter Releases

Skeptical UFO Alien Abduction Watch newsletter Kevin McClure's. These publication scans are now joined by scans of sets of three other newsletters edited by Kevin McClure :
Common Ground contained material on UFO Sightings and fields as diverse as earth mysteries, religious mysticism, and out of body and death bed experiences. It included material by many of the more skeptical UFO logists and paranormal researchers. Kevin wrote at the end of the first issue that he hoped the newsletter would become known as a journal which published material critical of claims of paranormal experience without rejoicing in the gullibility of any group or individual. Issues 1 to 10 are now online.
End Times Bulletin was an attempt to collate, present and analyze some of the wealth of prophetic material that sees the world as we know it ending. Two issues are now online.
Alien Scripture relates to sacred writings including verbal, telepathic and other communications relating to aliens meaning simply non-human. It included discussion of claims of contact with UFO Sightings and the dead.
Kevin McClure has not been active in ufology for many years. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, he gave John Rimmer of Magonia permission to put his newsletters online and John has kindly indicated that he has no objection to my putting those newsletters in the online archive I've been helping to coordinate. I was pleased to hear yesterday that David Clarke had been in touch with Kevin just a couple of years ago, so it appears that the fears of many in British ufology that Kevin was ill or dead were misplaced. Apparently, Kevin simply is not interested in ufology any more, viewing it as a subject that just keeps reinventing the wheel. Credit Isaac Koi scans have, once again, been done by the AFU in Sweden.

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