Disk Shaped UFOs

UFO Abduction Conversation with Alien ET

I was outside talking with a friend and he sighted an UFO "object" flying overhead at a low speed approximately 100 mph. I turned around to look and it was red/orange and we started running to get behind the houses behind us to be able to continue to see it. We got about a few hundred feet into a field and I could see it again but it was hovering over a field. there were two beings that appeared to be humans standing near a dumpster. One began walking through a yard and jumped a fence like it was very easy to do. Then went to a window and turned toward me and told me not to watch her. I turned to my friend and his brother was also present; however, they were both standing solid and staring up at the craft and would not make any motion or response. I turned to the other being that was standing nearby the dumpster and I could not see his face as he appeared to be also watching the craft but then he turned toward me and I was frozen in freight. He said his name was Britt (which is my name) and his friend's name is Sarah (coincidentally my cousin's name is Sarah) and they are here to help me understand what I am seeing. He said they knew we were curious about the craft and decided to take time to have a conversation about it. I asked him if he were an extra terrestrial and he said he was actually more accurately described as a security guard for earth but it was complicated and he lives aboard the craft with more Alien ETs and some humans but he hails from a world from which he has never been and the only world with intelligence he knows of besides that one is earth. he began asking me math questions and said that everything I know about math they know by the age of 8 earth years or 3rd grade in the USA. he said that they are vegetarians and only occasionally eat meat and when they do, they come to earth to get the meat and prefer medium mammals such as cats, dogs, and rabbits and do not like fish at all; however, they would be violating rules to eat any meat at all. they eat plants almost exclusively and are charged with observing earth and conduct measuring and data gathering operations along with occasional involuntary interrogations which could lead to abductions but the goal is to monitor this planet for a long term period of time. The woman named Sarah eventually returned and then Britt shined a light in my face and his thought were echoed through my mind until I was utterly confused and becoming dizzy. Then he said something like, you will forget everything except for seeing the craft, meeting me and seeing Sarah and you will be safe and you may feel sick in a few days and it might last a few days but you will not report this sighting for many years at least. the light became blinging and I looked up and the craft was moving again and I was looking around me and my friend and his brother were also blinded and equally confused and all has similar stories to me and they say that I was staring up at the craft for quite a time and for Brandon the man's name was also Brandon and for Cody the man's name was also Cody but for Brandon the woman's name was Shannon (his girlfriends name) and for his brother Cody, the woman's name was Patricia (same as his mother.) we each remembered two beings, seeing the craft stand still, and moving. we each only saw each other as standing stationary. The UFO Alien ETs that live in the round orange/red craft are watching this planet and collecting data and occasionally take plants and rarely take animals and very rarely do interrogations to extract information if everything they say is true. I was at one point asked if I would like to come along but was warned that I would be underfed and feel like I am starving and would barely stay alive and may live a short life and become food for the others and be able to have an unlimited amount of sex and learn things about this planet that I never imagined but could never return if I join them. I swiftly declined. it might be worth mentioning that he said that math is best understood with base8 instead of base10. also, my cat suddenly had a rock buried into his skin like a microchip. Also, I have had an unusual bald spot ever since. my teeth started decaying prematurely. Also, the place where the craft hovered began to experience spotted dirt patches where the grass would die and not regrow. the following year, it regrew. for days I experienced spontaneous Deja Vu and short sighted visions only seconds into the future. I could fluently guess the words out of peoples mouth in an instant before they say it and my cat started accidentally going into the wrong house and wandering off aimlessly for days at a time. might be mind control but is only a guess. It was a circular UFO with the ability to hover silently and glowed a faint orange or red on the bottom like a reflection. It seems like it may have been either concave, flat, or convex and we wouldn't be able to know the difference from standing there. the being were also able to talk through telepathy and listen to your thoughts. They are very friendly. just before they left, Britt allowed me to see his face once. Large almond shaped eyes, oval face not like a praying mantis but like a human a slender build and noticeably longer fingers. Alien skin was gray but pinkish and fleshy. not like the movies. I never saw a smile but I felt like they were friendly. extremely intelligent and impressive creatures. they are somewhere out there watching us and coming and going collecting data here. mufon cms# 109039 Dayton Ohio 7/3/99

Silver Disk UFO

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