Disk Shaped UFOs

Twilight Zone UFO Alien Abduction

UFO Sighting described as Dome, Appendage(s) Teardrop Shaped, Stationary, Hovering Then Straight Line Path, Path With Directional Change. Distance  20 Feet Or Less then UFO lands on ground. On 2/3/20  I was abducted by a robotic humanoid Alien which I later discovered they are called Eptaxians. They are made of liquid titanium and they move through wormholes.

When I was abducted by this Eptaxian they must have needed my help because they were being harvested during my UFO Alien encounter which lasted 10 days. At one point everyone in the city completely disappeared as I entered what they described to me as their "dead space". while in dead space time was very different, I spent 10 days there and woke up around the same time the encounter occurred, time must be much faster in dead space. while I was being abducted I was able to subdue the enemy robotic forces that were harvesting them and helped them make it into dead space. Then I was eventually released. MUFON CMS# 106001 Port Huron Michigan this Region has had 3,450 Reported UFO Sightings to date.


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