Disk Shaped UFOs

Forgotten UFO Sighting Flap of 1968

On the night of September 4, 1964 in Cisco Grove, California, Donald Shrum encountered some mysterious Alien creatures while on a bow hunting trip with friends. As Shrum was heading alone back to camp, he heard a sound in the brush that he thought might have been a bear, but soon realized that that was not the case. He noticed an odd light hovering motionless in the night sky, and also saw two others keeping some distance from the main one. In fright he climbed a tree and the main light began circling the tree, and a dark object was seen to fall from the lighted object. Whatever it was, it was about 300 feet from his position and was a dome-shaped saucer. Two strange Alien figures approached the tree and were dressed in sliver clad uniforms. Suddenly a third figure, "like a robot", approached and began to expel a white vapor from time to time directed at Shrum in the tree. This vapor caused him to become light headed and pass out. He responded by lighting pieces of his clothes to drop down at the robot to possibly scare it away. He also shot three arrows at the creature, only to have them bounce off and cause a flash of light as they hit. When Shrum awoke after passing out numerous times, it was morning and the aliens and robot were gone. Source :"The Last Great Flap - 1964 ", Rick Hilberg 2000, 2014.
The Forgotten UFO Sighting Flap of 1964

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