Disk Shaped UFOs

Five Alien Entities Appeared Out of Cloud

This UFO Sighting event happened in Lakewood, WA. prior to us leaving the next day to the state of Maine driving cross-country. my husband and I we're sitting outside at Quality Inn but 74th and i-5. I was playing a game on my cell phone when my husband got all excited and told me to look up. As I looked up I saw one black outline somewhat transparent figure come into existence and then i continued to watch as 4 more Aliens manifested themselves with what appeared to. Be a black misty outline.

There is now a total of 5 figures all of exact size and shape. We continued to watch for another 8 minutes until they slowly disappeared all at the same rate. There were additional people present but no one else seemed to notice or show interest. These were not ships but a figure resembling a giant squid but with a much larger head almost mushroom shaped with a rounded solid middle and appendages resembling a squid or octopus. Aliens manifested with a black misty like outline and disappeared in the reverse. Have never seen anything like it before. I personally believe that we were only meant to see it.

The reason I believe this is because both me and my husband have had numerous UFO sightings loss of time possible abduction and telepathic type messages. I have had experiences starting from a very young age in the state of Maine and then continuing in the state of Washington for 6 decades. I made a report previously with Washington State Mufon on a 1978 experience at MT Rainier National Park while snow camping that involved a UFO ship, a ship following us and loss of 3 hours of time.

I have not reported numerous other events which includes time freezing, that I continue to move through. Metallic round orbs and stationary. Stars moving as a group across the horizon once I thought that I knew they were watching so you might as well show yourselves. Nor have I reported the 1994 incident cause psychologically it changed me especially on how I interpret reality and its connections. quantum theory has been my hobby ever since.

There is so much more but I don't feel comfortable speaking of it unless anonymous. Let's just say I have enhanced abilities and something is continually talking to me. mufon cms# 116500 Arundel Maine 6/30/20 This region has had 709 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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