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Direct Telepathic Communication with UFO Alien “ET”

UFO Alien News: A fellow contact activist recently described to me how that particular individual has achieved direct telepathic communication in an ongoing way with a non-human intelligence (NHI ) associated with "UFO" or UAPs. My guess is that so-called Alien implant technology might be playing a role in such instances. I strongly suspect that activists require extensive preparation to allow them to handle strong telepathic links.

Those that are adequately prepared probably find it rather comforting to have a direct open channel to NHI. Many questions can be asked and be answered in this sort of arrangement. Determining the accuracy of such communications however is something that many contact experienced struggle with. The telepathic communications that I have experienced, at least on a conscious level, have been limited for what I suspect are very important reasons. Let me explain. My philosophical background in terms of my childhood upbringing was hard core materialist. This materialist perspective was further reinforced by volunteering as a leftist political activist as well as by working as a physician . This personal background limits my openness to what I suspect is the kind of intimacy that ongoing direct telepathy provides to carefully selected and trained contact workers.

 I sometimes refer to our "friends in high places" only half-jokingly as "UFO Central Intelligence." This is because I am aware of how the ruling elites approach flying saucers as an enormous counter-intelligence headache. Since the intelligence services are unable to engage the so-called Aliens directly, they investigate the UFO subculture as a source of information as well as a target for disinformation. This dynamic requires selected activists to focus on some of the more practical tasks of dealing with surveillance and the occasional frank harassment of our network by intelligence operatives. I might be wrong, but I believe that having a materialist political activist background can help in dealing with shadowy intelligence forces.

 It is my hope that contact activists of diverse backgrounds can work together, although we may conceptualize the challenges of contact work in different ways. It is my firm belief the struggle for universal peace is an integral part of the contact drama unfolding all around us. To succeed contact activist should build unity between experienced of diverse backgrounds and distinct personal missions. In this way we can better serve the great cause of planetary peace that in my judgment is required for open and relations with "UFO" or UAP intelligence's. As the old Chinese adage goes, "Let a thousand flowers bloom. “ One Mind, one multiverse, one planet, one people! J. Burkes MD 2019

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