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Calvin Parker 1973 UFO Alien Abduction

UFO Alien News: After 45 years of keeping it a secret from his own family, a Gulf Coast man's declining health has given him a reason to write a book and leave his legacy. Calvin Parker is now ready to tell the story of the event that would change his life forever Calvin Parker Jr. He would never forget the night that changed his life, on the banks of the Pascagoula River in October 1973. It was here that he and his friend, Charles Hickson, were supposedly kidnapped by UFO Aliens while out on a fishing trip.

In the year 1973 Calvin Parker was 19 a hard worker who just wanted to build a home and raise a family but those plans would be derailed during a fishing trip in Pascagoula he states that a real bright blue beams of light appeared all over us but it kind of blinded me for a second and when I got my vision back I sent three bulky looking Alien creatures coming toward us and they were probably four-and-a-half five foot tall built like football players but I noticed they kind of had mechanical eyes and they were floating off the ground by the time we stood up and turned around they were there on us all at one time.

Two of these Aliens got to hold Charlie one of them got to hold myself and instantly I felt like relaxed Parker claims he and Hickson were levitated into the UFO and there was what appeared to be a examination room what I call it and this big ugly Alien creature that brought me in he took me and laid me on this examination table and he just backed up out of the way I couldn't move or anything all I could do was look and there was something about the size of a deck of cards that came out of the ceiling and it hoovered about a foot in front of my eyes and then it went to the right side of my head and it clicked.

Then went behind my head and it clicked went to the left side of my head and clicked and then straight to the front and then it shot back up in the ceiling and that's when I noticed some kind of little ruffling noise and this saw a feminine-looking Alien creature came out she looked completely different than the what I call the robot because he moved like a robot just mechanical wise she looked kind of feminine looking and had fingers regular fingers and she comes over and paints me inside the cheek and then she took her finger and ran it down my throat and got behind that little thing that hangs down in my throat back there she tries to come up in the nasal cavity and that was going to started hurting and I started choking and I got scared and she just kind of telepathically told me you know don't be afraid we're not going to hurt you and with those words Parker says the aliens dropped him and Hickson back off on the river bank frozen in fear. Calvin Parker didn't want to let anyone know what happened. Video Link To Calvin Parker 1973 UFO Alien Abduction Video Here


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