Disk Shaped UFOs

Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program

To The Stars Academy's program and the releases by the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program are a necessary part of the process of opening up our planet to higher levels of Contact. Here is a blog of mine from October 16, 2017 on this subject. “What Tom Delonge and company are saying in an oblique way with a nod and wink is that it is all true.

The back engineering, the lies, the cover-up, and most important for me the presence of so many spooks confirms that the intelligence-counter-intelligence model of engaging UFOs is the one employed by the Executive Branch of the US government. They apparently have been pursuing this approach with a vengeance for at least 70 years.

I have been promoting the counter-intelligence model of UFO investigations for over a decade. I have been saying to Contact activists and to MUFON types for years that science is not the correct paradigm for studying UFOs and apparently a long string of Presidents agree. UFOs are a national security problem but not for the usual reasons that people think.

This Otherness That Experiencer's Now Call ET (TOTENCET) my pet term for “friends in high places”, threaten all terrestrial elites but not the Earth's peoples. Contact activists and their supporters are engaged in a historic struggle to open up our civilization to the possibilities of a world without war, without want, that's right just like in Star Trek, no money where people work to better themselves and the rest of society. With a gradual introduction of universal telepathy, which is a major aspect of “ET” culture, it will become impossible for charismatic leaders that systematically lie to people as their MO to ever threaten mankind again. This process will likely unfold over centuries and will allow people to read the minds of the Bush, Clinton, and Trump types and never permit such egomaniacs to rule us.

 All this will require a social movement, not unlike the struggle to end slavery, or win women the vote. But one can’t have a political campaign when the larger society is in a kind of manic denial mode concerning friendly “ETs” that are assisting mankind in this very positive transformation. So, we need more openness from the elites and this is what we are getting with Tom Delonge’s initiatives. Once the people know this is real then we will be in a position to organize. Till then we are just arguing among ourselves while the mainstream media portrays us as nut jobs wearing aluminum foil hats. The logic of this argument is simple enough, but to actualize it requires the kind of world view that combines a historical perspective with a willingness to move mountains to ‘make it so.’” source: Joseph Burkes MD

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