Top 20 UFO Sightings Cases in New York Video

New York is one of the most influential places in the world. Not surprisingly, it has a rich history of UFO Sightings events, many of which have had a strong influence on what we believe about UFOs and extraterrestrials. This UFO video presents the top twenty UFO encounters in New York State. Some are well known, a few you've probably never heard before, but all of them have had a profound impact on the field of ufology. Sightings, landings, face-to-face encounters, humanoids, onboard UFO experiences, UFO crash/retrievals they're all here. When it comes to extraterrestrials, New York is not shy. Did your favorite New York case make the list? Can you guess which ones made the top three? If you would like to learn more about about UFO Sighting activity in the state of New York, check out my book, "UFOs over New York: A True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Empire State."

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