Now the big question. Many researchers say the UFO Alien thing is all about sex and hybrids. (Nicole Sakach and I will soon publish an off the chart of believability WTH hybrid interview) If it is all about sex why don’t aliens have sex organs? You think they would all look like huge well-endowed roosters.

Worse yet is they don’t appear to have belly buttons, nipples, mouths, noses, ears, and worst of all hair. How can a species have technology to transit the universe and create hybrid races and not be able to make hair? Some alien beings do not even have faces.

Did all the males suddenly decide to forgo sex for millions of years? Did all the women decide hair and clothes were no longer desirable? Makes one want to ask the question Sherry Wilde asked her entity Da, “Are you really an alien?”
Seriously what the heck is going on? Source Grant Cameron



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