At about 7 pm on Monday, nov8 2021 I was outside a store on airport road in Allentown, pa walking my dog. I looked up at the sky where I'm used to seeing the usual airplanes and such as it's by an airport but two UFO lights caught my eye. I've never seen something with this kind of glow. The UFO Sighting was like a copper ball was being lit up by a spotlight. Very different color than any airplane lights I've seen or am aware of and the light itself was very intense to the naked eye. there was no blinking on oscillating of the light. The UFOs were completely silent, following each other, and kind of floating in a way. They'd move together at the same speed, then one would catch up to the other, they'd both slow down, almost to a stop at one point. You can hear a prop plane come and go during one of the UFO videos. The lights seemed to change direction, gain altitude, then disappear one after the other. I've been watching the skies for a long time, spotted and confirmed the space station and other satellites, etc. but have never seen anything like this. The UFO Sighting event lasted about 5 minutes. mufon cms# 119141 Allentown PA. 11/08/21 UFO Report.

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