The Alien UFO Motherships were described as 800ft Space Craft at 48,000KM/hr.

A quick background check on Frederick Portugal reveals previous employment with organizations such as the Air Force Research Laboratory, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, National Science Foundation, and more. He has a message for the world now that he is retired and learning how to use Twitter from a sailboat.

Extraterrestrial Alien UFO Motherships are dumping cargo in the Earth’s ionosphere.
The payload seems to include the majority of the mythological spacecraft that are often discussed and reported on in UFO mythology. Portugal is certain they’ve entered our world through a gateway.

There would be no plasma field if it was in synchronous orbit outside the atmosphere. The lower they are in the atmosphere, the more energy they must use to seem to be in the frame of reference of a star. That is why I think they are in the ionosphere, which allows me to estimate the width of the mothership plasma field to be about 800 feet.
The wormhole transportation technology and near-surface plasma-like phenomena is traveling at 48,000 kilometers per hour, according to the retired former Boeing senior engineer.

Frederick’s telescopic video footage from January 29th, 2008 captured remarkable occurrences of plasma-like objects flying at speeds beyond comprehension in the neighborhood of the Petroglyph National Monument near Albuquerque, New Mexico. His telescope was on Sandia Heights, 700 feet higher than the mesa to the west, with a slant range of about 15 miles. MEDIUM, October 29, 2021. credit S.Agermose. Alien Motherships Witnessed by USAF Scientist & Retired Boeing Engineer 800ft Space Craft at 48,000KM/hr. 

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