Walking around an abandoned base in Rudloe Wiltshire which is well known for UFO Sighting rumors. A quick Google search will tell you what it's about in this area. I was walking around the area which I do to get some air and alone time. I saw an Egg-shaped shiny UFO Sighting slowly hovering over the tree line and then behind. I assumed it touched down so I went to check it out. When I get to the area I saw it go down/land. I started feeling massive static electrical charge around the area and a metallic kind of smell. I then saw in the corner of my eye a tall-looking skinny large-headed Alien man. On closer look, it was what I have read about a grey? there were 2 of them looking at the main large house which was used to investigate UFOs many years ago. I saw them looking around and I could hear them talking but their mouths did not move. It was coming from inside my head. I did not understand what they were saying at all but they were conversing. I stayed back I was frozen in fear, I took a step back breaking a small stick which they both quickly looked at and saw me. They disappeared behind the building and the Egg-shaped UFO quickly rose above the tree line and at a click of a finger, it was gone. Mutual UFO Network cms# 119023 Chippenham England UK. 11/01/21 UFO Report. This Region has had 2,470 Reported UAP UFO Sightings to date.

Egg-Shaped White UFO

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