My UFO Sighting occurred on Nov. 19, 2021. The night of a partial lunar eclipse. I had stepped out on my back porch to get a better look at the eclipse (at approx. 3:40 am) the eclipse was nearing the peak of coverage. I started looking around at the brilliant stars. It was very clear and dark and the stars were bright. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye to the east. I saw a narrow chevron-shaped UFO moving toward the west. Almost in the direction of the Luna eclipse. It moved at approx. the speed of an airliner. it had what seemed to be some very slight hesitation in the speed and flight trajectory. maybe 5-10 k ft high I'm guessing. I watched it for approx. 10 seconds. it moved behind some trees and out of my sight. its surface was shades of black and gray with no lights. I shimmered like a mirror- a mirage. UFO Sighting seemed to be reflecting light from the ground. I couldn't see any sharp edges, but it appeared to be solid and huge. I couldn't tell if it made and sound as there was a train passing in the distance. I quickly came inside (my heart pounding!) my eyes will be on the skies from now on! mufon cms# 119335 Louisville Kentucky U.S 11/19/21. This Region has had 1339 Reported UFO UAP Sightings to date.

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