I feed wild crows every morning in front of my house before work. this morning as I am scanning the sky for incoming crows I see a UFO Sighting of a Silver Sphere with a deep red pulsating light. I assumed it was a helicopter but as it got closer I noticed it had 2 maybe 3 black objects orbiting it. But looked to be part of it and not separate vehicles. It flew relatively slowly and did not behave like a balloon nor a drone. It was very cloudy and it flew close but under the cloud coverage. About halfway through the sighting, I noticed a fighter jet flying towards it very slowly I live a mile from a navy base so I am used to seeing jets the jet flew directly above it and continued on its path. This UFO Sighting lasted about 15 minutes and was truly something I will never forget. Mutual UFO Network UFO Report Oxnard California 11/01/21. This Region has had 11,771 Reported UFO/UAP Sightings to date. 

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