I live in a small town in New Hampshire. Approximately almost 4 months ago I had a UFO Sighting of light in the sky that was moving around up, down, left, right, diagonally up and down, and moving in small vertical circles. This happened all in one little area in the earth's lower atmosphere. Right after my attention was fixed on this UFO Sighting in the sky to the east, the lights stopped all moving and hovered for about 2 to 3 minutes. Then it moved from east to west right above the trees but about 300 to 400 feet behind the treeline of my house. Then as the UFO was coming straight down it stopped in mid-air about every other 25 feet and then moved up about 5 to 8 feet and repeated that process 4 times.

UFO stopped and hovered about 35 feet right above the tops of the trees and then a bright pure white cone-shaped light with the peak of the cone of light inside the bottom of the craft flashed once without any sound. The cone of light flashed as quickly as a lightning bolt flashes. And then I heard ruffling in the leaves at the treeline where the tree line meets my backyard. I saw two Dark tan Alien beings that have the same types of eye features as "the greys" and their necks were extended like an accordion while all the way stretched out but vertically. Aliens had broad shoulders and their torsos were vertically parallel and stout, they were both bipods and I am 5 feet 10 inches tall, both of their hips were around the height of my hipbones are.

I approached them slowly and cautiously also with curiosity. My whole concentration was on them and I tried to look away to blink my eyes to prevent my eyes from becoming dry from staring the whole time, but something was keeping me from looking around. Even though the weather was a clear sky and warm weather outside, my whole physical body was feeling very cold and shivering and as I was slowly walking towards them. I was feeling a cold breeze that encircled just my body and there was no wind or breeze around me moving any leaves or anything else. My heart rate was increasing and yet my breath rate was only a slow and steady rate and I was not feeling any fear, anxiety, or anything like that.

I only felt calm and collected. I could not think of anything and I could not speak as well. Then as soon as I was standing right in front of them, we all made eye contact and then I blinked my eyes once, and then they were gone from the ground without any trace as if nothing had happened. And then I looked up at the sky where their spacecraft was still hovering in the exact same spot the whole time. And then I turned around and I walked back into my house with a massive headache. As soon as I turned back around for one last sight of their craft, the craft was gone. And then every single night as soon as the sunsets to the break of dawn, everywhere I go, the exact same UFO is following me from a small distance from but up in the sky.

I have noticed that whenever I go, the ufo goes along with me. I am and I have not been scared or afraid or anything like that. The same craft follows me everywhere I go as if it is constantly monitoring me. I can always point out the exact same light from the UFO that is monitoring me everywhere I go and is only visible to the human eyes after the sunset until sunrise when it disappears from human eyesight. MUTUAL UFO Network CMS# 118506 Hopkinton New Hampshire Sighting 10/06/21. This region has had 660 Reported UFO UAP Sightings to date.

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