Witness reports a UFO Sighting during the late afternoon about 5:30 pm as I noticed the sky, a large thick dark cloud was moving quickly from west coast to inland east as if a twister was forming. The winds were blowing wild in the backyard and with scattering raindrops. But further away from the cloud, one can see the sunny and bright blue sky. As I looked at the sky through my kitchen window which faced the eastern backyard. I noticed some shiny UFOs were hovering just below the cloud. The UFOs appeared flying in 2 formations, first, I suspected 2 groups of Canada geese flying east from west, but with some bright lights underneath them in a chain-link shape but not connected.

So, I went and grabbed my binocular quickly and took a close look from my upstairs window with no obstruction in view and clearly saw those were not birds, more like a string of big round lights hanging underneath something and obviously not the kind of drones that I thought. I could see the cloud between those lights as if there's no frame or structure attached to them. The group hovering in one direction with 2 V shape formations with about 6 or 7 lights on each side. UFO Sighting moved slowly in and out the cloud momentarily then slowly drifted into the distant cloud.

They simply did not look like birds or drones as I could see through them between the bright lights as if the frame was transparent and no noise. The UFO sighting lasted about a ½ min so I had no time to ask my wife to grab the cell phone, even she was next to me and missed the chance. Just as I thought was over, another singular group showing up behind them about 1/2 a minute later. This one lead by a much bigger bright light in front and slowly following the same direction into the high cloud and gone. How big were they? I guessed it's about a medium size twin engines plane for each formation.

I waited another 15 mins and there's no more sighting. I wished I'd my camera but I was just too excited and their appearance was so short. however, the binocular did give me a lifetime thrill I will not forget. hope this sighting someone can convince me is something else as I never see anything like that before. best regard. Mutual UFO Network CMS# 118510 Richmond British Columbia Canada 10/05/21. This Region has had 1,049 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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