Was out hiking on mt Lemmon on the north side of Tucson. Saw dumbbell shape to the east, very very far away, and very high. The trail was at 7000 ft. UFO Sighting seemed much higher than that. Observed the UFO Sighting sitting stationary for about 20 minutes. Used tree branches to monitor position. The dumbbell shape faded, and the UFO began to move eastward, away from me.

Lost sight of it within about 30 seconds. the provided picture was made with my cell phone, on maximum zoom. There is an air force base and air national guard nearby, but no planes were observed in the area.

Mutual UFO Network CMS# 118467 Mt. Lemmon Arizona 10/06/21. This Region has had 3,640 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Orb UFO Sighting Photo Taken Mt. Lemmon Arizona

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