Seven United States Postal workers in Corpus Christi Texas were outside on a break from work at around 6:15 pm October 25th, 2021. All seven witnessed a UFO Sighting of a low black dot in the sky slowly moving under the cloud coverage then stopped & hovered for thirty minutes in the same spot of sky stationery. I ran to my truck and grabbed a pair of binoculars to see what it was exactly. We thought drone at first until the UFO Sighting came in clear through my binoculars lenses. I witnessed a UFO craft I cannot truly even describe as it was so Alien to me. Here is the best description; Neon green dome or translucent neon bubble with three black jagged appendages pointed downward from a green bubble, three dark purple portholes only on one side when craft rotated. Note I could see the UFO craft clear as day thru binoculars. No sound. No wings, no propellers, and not a drone as I saw with my own eyes!!! Video and pictures don’t do it justice as to what I truly saw. Object sat stationary for about 45min before accelerating directly upwards and out of sight. No trail I’m in shock that something like this was just out in daylight over our heads! Amazing but scary. UFO Report Corpus Christi Texas 10/25/21. The duration of the UFO Sighting was 40min. 

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